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To facilitate purchases from our customers, we accept the following payment methods:


Wire transfer


Why use PayPal?

It is one of the most used systems on the internet, you can pay by credit card, debit card or bank account. If you select this payment method, at the end of your order you will directly access the PayPal page.

Once on the page, you will have the option to connect with your account (or if you do not have to create a new account for free) and make the payment directly. It is a totally secure transaction since the data entered at no time are displayed or stored by us, the data is processed on the PayPal servers themselves.

Buy with PayPal from thousands of sellers worldwide. Sending money through PayPal is free, no commission is charged for sending money (yes for receiving).

What are the benefits of using PayPal?

It's fast. Payments are made immediately, faster than by sending checks or money orders.

It is private. PayPal does not disclose your financial information to sellers.

It is global. Paypal is accepted worldwide and is used to make payments locally and internationally.

It's simple. Send money to anyone in a few seconds.

It is trustworthy. Leading fraud prevention in the sector provides security.

For more information or to create an account at:


Once you have selected the payment option by bank transfer and confirm the purchase of your order, the data and the number to make the deposit will appear. Remember that if the transfer is made through another bank it usually takes between two or three working days to become effective. Once your deposit appears in our account, we will immediately send the package to the address you have indicated.


Our products are without i.v.a. to offer greater ease when processing shipments abroad and to the Canary Islands.

Shipping costs will depend on the weight and volume of your orders, our website will automatically calculate these costs before processing the payment order.

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