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A central purchasing office is an organization that centralizes the search and negotiation by supplier companies and customers.
Centralized negotiation through the Purchasing Center benefits the supplier companies and also the client companies. For the former it means a security in the sale, while an increase in it. In addition, its implementation implies a reduction of the costs of commercial management because they only have to attend a client account.
For small and medium-sized businesses that act as customers, the Central de Compra offers the possibility to benefit from economies of scale, that is, to obtain a series of products and services together, thus obtaining an advantage in the negotiation that you would not get if it were carried out individually.
It also allows them to disregard the search and negotiation with suppliers of the products and services that they have decided to buy in common to devote their resources and time to other activities where they can make them more profitable.





Our associates are SPECIALIST companies in the surf and skate sector, which differentiates them from a less knowledgeable generalist of the product in question.


Our associates are companies all of them with MANY YEARS IN THE SECTOR, so they already have a sufficiently proven experience and positioning in the market, knowing the best brands and products in the sector.



Our associative group has an IMPORTANT PURCHASE POTENTIALITY according to its location throughout the territory, through the implementation of companies, warehouses and SEO presence.



More information on the market and products thanks to the contribution of the individual experiences of the partners and INFORMATION SYSTEMS of our collaborators.



Thanks to a large volume of purchases we can obtain better prices and discounts for our associates without ever affecting and competing with the distributors themselves.



We offer greater security in the management by the exchange of experiences between companies of the same sector and by the incorporation of professionals in management and new products in the sector.






The purchasing center works by preparing orders from distributors and brands to reduce the order processing time and the cost of shipping to the various partners. By generalizing their orders, it allows its associates to place orders from different brands or distributors without the need to pay postage to each of them by centralizing all their orders into one.


Distributors unlike the central purchasing office offer their broadest catalog of products of their brands through an exclusive sales agreement. Associates can process orders directly with distributors or brands having to meet the minimum requirements required to reduce their shipping costs.

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